Dec 24, 2010

Beaufort St Festival 2010

This blog post is sooo overdue. So please forgive me, I have had ISP issues and have also been really busy. But I'm back now.

At the end of November, I put a piece in the Beaufort St Festival for "Take A Knit Down Beaufort Street". They had some great yarn bombing installations and some framed pieces, covered objects like bikes and so much more.

I was a little "Johnny come lately" as I heard about it through Granny Funk and Captain Plaknit who has a blog about it here.
But they kindly gave me more information and Elaine at Behind the Monkey was so nice and welcoming as were all the people I met.

Starchaser (my son); the Butcher (hubby) and I had loads of fun in the morning helping some of the crafters by adding their pieces and pom poms to the trees and things up & down the street.

As for my piece:
Starchaser painted the frame for me, and the cat inspected his work.

Cat 2

So here is "A Mad Crafter's Tea Party" hope you like. There are more pictures in my flickr account:

My piece - installed

I had fun saying "Does this look like a rabbit's ear? Does this look like the Mad Hatter? and both the Butcher and Starchaser were really helpful with suggestions and ideas. Also, a big thank you to Pip from Meet Me at Mike's for her lovely heart pattern which features throughout, as it wouldn't be complete without the Queen of Heart's hearts. Her pattern can be found here.
When I asked permission to use her hearts in my piece (as it was the only pattern I copied) she was so lovely and gracious, asking for nothing in return and said I could use them with "gay abandon". Pip is so lovely to her readers, and has so many great ideas. If you don't follow her, you should.

Anyway, here's me and the Butcher at the Festival. :)

Bye for now.

At the Festival

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  1. I really enjoyed being envolved in this. Not only was it great to see so many works of art from very talented people, it was fantastic to see Kat so happy and in her element. Very nice morning spent with Kat, Starchaser and the freindly people of Northbridge.
    Thanks Kat.


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