Dec 24, 2010

What else I'm doing...

I've been away a while, so apart from the Beaufort St piece. I crocheted my first Amigurumi, with a pattern from Irene Strange.

My first Amigurumi

I'm totally in love with these little hearts and I can't stop crocheting them, which I mentioned before are from Pip at Meet Me at Mike's.

Crochet heart decorations

Treat boxes

By the way, the treat boxes were a free printable from Speckless.
I knitted a bag for my niece.
Knitted Bag
I've also been doing the 30 Day crochet challenge on my Tumblr, which I may post here in one blog when I am finished.

Now I really love holiday food, so I made some tiny plum puddings which are so easy. You just use a melon baller to make the plum pudding shape from a bought or pre-made pudding, then whack some melted chocolate on top and decorate with cherries, cashous or nuts.

Mini Plum Puddings

I also made some chocolate hearts and I'm planning on making some fruit mince pies right now with a recipe for pastry from my Mum-in-law. If I get time there may be some spiced nuts and some cookies.

I have my holiday reading all ready.
"Trash" by Andy Mulligan which I won from Random House.
"Sex and the City" & "The Carrie Diaries" by Candace Bushnell which I borrowed from my gorgeous daughter.
"The Hours" by Michael Cunningham which was an op shop find and
"The Friday Night Knitting Club" by Kate Jacobs which I borrowed from the library.

I had my nephew over again and we made a rocket, flew around in space for a while and then came home to make tiny orange cakes from fresh orange juice, with sprinkles on top. Starchaser and I also went to his concert which was priceless and brought back lots of memories of my little munchkins and end of year concerts.

I discussed with my husband about organ donation - have you discussed your wishes with your loved ones? Do some research and have a think about it, and most importantly once you decide if you want to donate - tell your loved ones. They will make the final decision on your behalf.

We also donated some books and milk on behalf of the kids in our family because they all have lots of books and milk.

We got to try the new Macleans toothpaste for free and it's in a can - like shaving cream, which was pretty interesting.

And lastly, I discovered BlogFrog which I have linked to in the sidebar and am in the process of meeting lots of new & interesting bloggers. Maybe give it a try.

One of those people is the lovely Nan from Be One Fine Day
who is hosting this blog hop. Nan has some lovely Thai recipes on her site.



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  2. Hi Kat!

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  3. Merry Chrisrmas and Happy New Year 2011.

    Best Wishes and Happiness.

  4. Hi Kat,
    Love your sweet crochet pieces:)
    Hope your Christmas was joyful.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year.
    Meet your newest follower.

  5. Hi there! I am your newest follower from the blog hop! lovely blog:) You can find me at
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