Dec 31, 2010

At the Lake

I tried my hand at some photography:


Dec 29, 2010

A word about Indie authors

These pieces are all written by the Independent authors who started Bestseller Bound

I have just put them here in their entirety as they are pretty self explanatory. I found the whole thing very interesting and I've purchased a couple of their Indie books in Kindle version from Amazon. Some definite food for thought.
If you are interested, Maria Savva, Darcia Helle, Stacy Juba are all over the web, so search for them or Bestseller Bound on Twitter, Facebook, Good Reads, Websites and Amazon.

Dec 28, 2010

A New Year Blog Hop

disco ball button

I'm feeling very excited for this year. This is the next phase of my life, no more homeschooling, getting back into work perhaps. I'm not sure. The possibilities are endless. Our daughter's first year of marriage, our son's first on-campus classes since he was about 8 years old (except if you count music lessons, drama, sport etc.)

Here is a blog hop for New Year hosted by Eccentric Delirium where the emphasis is on fun.
The link is above. Hope to see you there :)

Dec 27, 2010

Meet Me on Monday

Follow the above link for the "Meet Me on Monday" meme at "Never Growing Old". This is the first blog meme I've done like this, although I've done a few on social media.
So here goes, and perhaps you'll get to know me and I'll get to know you.


1. What are your New Year's Eve plans?
2. How tall are you?
3. What is your favorite pudding flavor?
4. What room of the house do you blog the most in?
5. What is your best physical feature?

Dec 24, 2010

What else I'm doing...

I've been away a while, so apart from the Beaufort St piece. I crocheted my first Amigurumi, with a pattern from Irene Strange.

My first Amigurumi

Beaufort St Festival 2010

This blog post is sooo overdue. So please forgive me, I have had ISP issues and have also been really busy. But I'm back now.

At the end of November, I put a piece in the Beaufort St Festival for "Take A Knit Down Beaufort Street". They had some great yarn bombing installations and some framed pieces, covered objects like bikes and so much more.