Jan 30, 2011

The Carrie Diaries - Candace Bushnell

The Carrie Diaries is by Candace Bushnell, best known as the columnist who's book became the inspiration for  the TV series  "Sex and the City". For me, who was busy doing I don't know what, it's been a catch up the last couple of years. I hadn't seen the series other than an odd show or two, so I borrowed my daughter's shoe box full of the series (of course it comes in a shoebox ) and watched every episode. Followed by the movies. Then I borrowed her Sex & the City book. Although the book was very different to the series it was edgy and had a special quality that was hard to define.
I was a bit dubious about bothering with the Carrie Diaries, as I expected it to be like the younger generation's version of school, but I was pleasantly surprised. I rather enjoyed reading this book and really enjoyed the characters.

As I read it, it all flooded back to me, everyone I knew, friends, romances, gossip, teachers I loved or hated, the cliques, the bullies, the uniforms, and yes - we certainly smoked that much - at least on weekends.

Carrie is in her final year of high school, she is trying to get into a writing program for the summer, she yearns to visit New York and she needs to get into College. Her father wants her to study science, but she wants to write. As happens to even the best of us, Carrie gets distracted by a boy. Not just any boy - Sebastian is like the Mr Big of high school. The Queen Bee wants him, so why does he keep flirting with Carrie?
As her relationship with him develops she asks the questions many young women go through, regarding who she is, where she is going and how much she is being influenced by the people around her, especially Sebastian.
I won't give away any more of the story line, but let's just say when you get to the part that stings (you'll know which part) I had the same thing happen to me in high school and it burns. But I had actually forgotten it until I read this story, so time heals all things.
The next part to the Carrie Diaries is due out around April 2011.


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