Jan 5, 2011

The Friday Night Knitting Club - Kate Jacobs

With the movie version of this book currently "in production" and rumoured to be out in 2013, I thought I would get on with reading this series. It appealed to both the reader and the crafter in me.
Kate Jacobs has written three novels in this series and you can read more about them including sample chapters at her website.
"The Friday Night Knitting Club"   is the first, followed by "Knit Two" and then "Knit the Season".

The main characters are Georgia Walker and her daughter Dakota. Georgia owns a yarn shop in New York which she moved into after making knitted designer wear for extra cash when she fell pregnant.
Since then her life has been ticking along nicely and her daughter is almost a teenager. She has nice friends like KC from her old job and Anita who "discovered" her talent and helped bankroll her enterprise.
Every Friday night a group of these women gather informally at Georgia's shop where they knit (well some of them do) and support each other while "life happens". 
Now, Dakota's father is back in town and wants to get to know his daughter, and who is the mysterious Mrs. Philips who seems to know Georgia and wants to commission an expensive knitted gown?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book where the threads of these people's lives interact in surprising ways. As they develop friendships, have romances and try to handle parenthood and relationships, they also keep knitting. Some are beginners, some experienced and some are great pretenders, but in the end it doesn't matter about that - because knitting is fun. I feel inspired to knit some more.

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  1. I love to crochet. LOL I tried knitting once, trying to teach myself, and I figured out the casting on, and that is as far as I got.

    This sounds like fun books to read.
    Hope your new year has treated you well so far.


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