Feb 27, 2011

...and so February comes to a close.

Wow, what a wild ride this month has been. I got into the Graduate course I was wanting to do at University. So from applying to enrolling it has been pretty full on. Can't believe how many lines you can bypass by doing everything online now days. I love it! I had my induction which was same old stuff in some parts, but very interesting in others. I really enjoyed the Library visit - of course and picked up some more tips from the Librarians which was cool.  They were handing out a lot of lollies and free condoms and stuff on Orientation day which was okay if you're young, but not really aimed at my age group. But I did get a free phone sock and made some initial contact with Mature Age student support services.

I went to an ALIA WA (basically the Library Association for our state) meeting which was informative and at least made an appearance to pave the way for more networking opportunities. One great tip I picked up while here was about a website called Booko (for Australian's) which tells you where books are going the cheapest, which is really handy.
This month I have also been doing the Thing-a-day challenge which has a link in my sidebar and a page dedicated to my projects for each day here. This draws to a close on Monday, but has been really fun. However, I'm glad it was only a month long challenge and not a whole year. I don't think I could do it for a whole year.
I made a start on my two book challenges for the year, but I haven't been reading as much as I usually do because I have been doing thing-a-day and I also started the Tumblr crochet-a-long, which has also been fun. I will post a picture of my scarf when I finish it.
I've decided to forgo an android phone which I was going to buy with my birthday money and buy an e-book reader instead, so that I can read some things I've had sitting there for a while, including some independent author's work. I think that because my course is going to be quite heavy with computing, that my eyes need a rest, so I will be using the e-book reader for books and articles instead of reading them on the laptop.
I'm really excited about starting my course next week.
Anyways, enjoy your weekend and if you want to follow some people, mingle online or connect the links to the Crazed Fan Weekend Hop and the Weekend Wander are both in my sidebar.
Yay! Hugs,

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