Feb 18, 2011

I'm a winner - Yay for me! Yay for Pip!

I have been sitting on this news for a WEEK, because I had to wait until they came in the post. I'm so excited because I have won, not one but two of Pip Licolne's (aka Meet Me at Mikes) books in a competition from Hardie Grant Books. So here they are - arrived safe and sound.

My favourite project from the Meet Me at Mike's book is the fabric roll. I can see all sorts of uses for it. For my craft tools, or my daughter's hairdressing tools, for my husbands knives for my son's electronics tools. I hope I find time to make one really soon. It also contains the secret for pink lamingtons - which I have been coveting for a lifetime. The phoney flowers are cute too, and I might make some today as my thing-a-day.

The Sew La Tea Do book has lots of sewing in it. Now my grandmother was a fantastic seamstress. She used to sew uniforms during the war. She would also secretly make my mum trousers, because her father didn't like girls to wear them, but Mum needed them to jump on the back of my Dad's scooter.
My sister is also a fabulous seamstress. She made my daughter's beautiful wedding gown, from scratch and designed it herself. Wow! But alas, the sewing gene skipped me. That's why I love Pip's book, because she makes it all so easy. Did you see her on The Circle? She's just so clever. 

Pip wrote a great piece a while back about being in awe of clever people. You can read it here. I think that's why I admire people like Pip and my sister so much. Now I can write a 1000 word essay on Shakespeare or solve an algebra equation for you. But creativity is hard for me. I mean it's really hard work! And I love creative things so much. I think I would go mad without doing craft - and I don't care if it's good or not - but just that it was fun.

Anyway, back to the books. I love the cute dresses in Sew La Tea Do, especially the Marlo dress. I'm keen to have a go at this, too. Even if you weren't that way inclined these two books are a lovely feast for your eyes. If you love vintage and design there are beautiful images throughout. I think everyone should own them. Lucky for us Pip has another book coming out soon.

So, in case you didn't get it - I have girl crush on Pip, but not in a crazy stalker kind of fashion. I just really admire her, as you can tell when I talked about her here and here.

So I'm going to try those flowers now.
Bye & hugs

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