Feb 5, 2011

Money Saving - cheap services

My daughter is doing her final assessments for hairdressing. So yesterday I was a hair model for the umpteenth time - this time for a haircut. It was an advanced cut, so I had layers, chipping in and some thinning done. I have so much hair it could provide wigs for two people. So I know it is unfair to complain that I am lucky enough to have too much hair, but it really gets hot and gives me headaches when it gets too thick. Now I feel light as if I am floating on a cloud.
While I was at the College, I was asked to be a hair model again for the first years, so they can practice braids, hair ups, blow drying - that type of thing - on long hair.
Anyway, it got me thinking - how many people are aware of the great services you can get very cheaply if you go for student services? The students are very careful and they are fully supervised the whole time. Your tastes are taken into account and you can have any type of hair. People think to be a hair model you need to have great hair, but that isn't so. They need people with thin hair, thick hair, different colours who want foils, highlights, all over colours, resistant grey, men's cuts, ladies cuts and so on. This is a great opportunity to save money and help a student - because we all had to learn - didn't we?

Other services which can be obtained this way include, beauty therapy, massage, personal training, vet services, psychology services, dentistry, and the like. I once had a full pilates schedule tailored for me for free for a final assessment for a trainer.  The best option is to contact the Public Colleges, Private Colleges, Training organisations, Universities and so on.
Some have information on their websites regarding which services they offer and they have price lists which you can view beforehand.
If you home school this can also be a great learning opportunity to see inside some of the training colleges, while the kids get their hair or teeth done or some other service.
So I hope you consider saving some money and helping a student get their qualification - it's a good feeling.

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