Feb 17, 2011

Sharing the love.

Do you ever feel like you would like to comment on people's blogs more, but don't have time. I do. Sometimes people that I just love to bits don't get a comment because they have lots of followers and comments and they don't really need mine. I feel like I only have so many comments in me per day and I try to spread the love. One thing I've  noticed though is that since I've been doing Thing-a-day  I've been trying to comment on a few of those each day to encourage people. Mainly because I know how hard it is myself to stay motivated with these challenges.

Consequently, I haven't been commenting on the blogs I follow very much, even though I have been trying to read a few each day. It means that I have had less comments on my blog and less visits. This is okay, because even though I love blogging and the blogging community I am really only doing this as a learning tool for Information Studies. But if there was any doubt that networking is the way to go, then this has answered my question.

On a similar note, I began tagging my posts on Tumblr as an experiment. I have been using Tumblr for quite a few months and had a few follow backs and then nothing. After I tagged posts, within two days I had more followers, more likes and more re-blogs than I have had the whole time I've been on there. So the moral of this story -- tagging really works!!

Thing-a-day goes on until the end of February, and then I am starting a new study program in the Graduate Diploma or Science (Information Services) in digital and security. Yay me! I'm so excited but I know it will be full on. Just know I am still reading your blogs whenever I can and will try to comment to let you know I have visited, even if I just say "Hi".

My thing-a-day projects can be found here:
Posterous: Thing-a-day
or here:
Blogger Page: Creative Challenges

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