Feb 13, 2011

A World in Love

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It's funny how things just seem to come together in unusual ways. When I was home schooling, this used to happen, we would start on a topic and then a book would come out or a documentary would come on television or someone would invite us on an excursion or group activity and it was all blended and interconnected. I think the main reason this would happen is because life is interconnected in this way. Life doesn't happen in subjects or categories.

Anyway, last year I was looking for a crafting challenge that I could do this year. I found out about Thing-a-day through Craft Gossip. So I joined up. Then when I was commenting on other people's thing-a-day items, I came across a post by Eddie from Grey Duckling where she had made a cute heart. It was similar to the ones I had made from Pip at Meet Me At Mike's. Eddie and her friend had decided to run a challenge that involved crafting a heart using any medium and photographing it in front of your favourite place and posting it on the Flickr group "A World in Love", in time for Valentine's Day, which is tomorrow. This also happens to be Library Lovers Day.
So I decided to do that challenge, too. I crafted a heart and took some photos in front of my State Library in Perth, Western Australia. I love the cultural centre so much. While I was there I took a heap more photos of my favourite places there, including the Museum, and the Art Gallery.
As it turned out, The State Library of WA was having the Library of Nearly Lost Moments display, where they were encouraging people to leave behind a small item to preserve a moment in time. So when I was finished photographing, that's what I did with my little heart. Then I took a photo (at the bottom of the post) of my moment on the wall with everyone else's moments.

Hope you enjoy my pictures.

Cultural Centre Perth 6
Cultural Centre Perth 4
Cultural Centre Perth 3
Cultural Centre Perth 2
Cultural Centre Perth
Cultural Centre Perth 12
Cultural Centre Perth 11
Cultural Centre Perth 10
Cultural Centre Perth 9
Cultural Centre Perth 7
Cultural Centre Perth 8

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