Mar 28, 2011

An award & a blog roll.

It's so nice when you get lovely comments and recognition. Especially from other bloggers because they are the ones who are my teachers and mentors when it comes to learning all this. I am honoured to receive another Stylish blogger award -  this time from from Carli at "Grandma's Guide to Life" She's a grandma to 2 (almost 3) grandkids and she's younger than I am! She has a good mixture on her blog of giveaways, stories and crafting, so pay her a visit. Now since I received this once before, I have kind of fulfilled the obligations which are as follows, and you can view the post and my answers and my recommended blogs/award recipients  at the link in this title here:

In order to completely accept this Award it is asked of its recipients to do a few things.
1. Thank and link back to the person that has given you this award. 
2. Share 7 thing's about yourself
3. Award 10-15 blogs you feel deserve the award
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award.

So now I'm going to add some random stuff from the last two weeks as my "7 things" and then I'm going to blog roll some of my favourite people.

1. We went to my niece's school for a concert on Friday night and saw a local West Aussie band called Stone Circle who have a new album just out. They were pretty awesome and got everyone dancing. They played a good mix of rock from my era, recent rock and some original songs from their album. If you enjoy this type of music (as I do) maybe you could support them.

2. I've been having problems with my health & especially my blood pressure, but it's under control now it seems and I'm feeling heaps better.

3. I LOVE my Uni course. I love Library but I'm so glad I changed to digital recordkeeping. It's nerdy of me, I know - but I find it fascinating. (Please, please help me with my research and tag some photos. You might win a crochet book. I explain all about it here.)

4. I had fun doing some yarnbombing for the Minnawarra Festival.

5. I'm going to be doing some volunteer work at the AC/DC exhibition - very cool!

6.  My husband is awesome!

7. My kids are smart and funny and gorgeous.

Blog or Website Roll:

As you will see - my tastes are wide & varied.
I try to find something I can relate to, in everyone and try to learn from our differences.
 I hope you find something to suit you.

Speaking of my kids, here is one of them. She is newly married and is writing a blog about decorating and life in general. Give her a visit.

Now for something different. A friend of mine runs this blog. If you are interested in skepticism then this is the place to go. He has a mixture of personal writing in the Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction genre, as well as discussions about skepticism and logical thinking. He also does fractal art and posts some lovely images of fractals and space.  Not for the faint hearted - he admits he's a "perpetual smartass", but definitely knowledgeable if this is what you are interested in.

Maria is an independent author. She is also one of three lovely ladies who front Bestseller Bound - a great discussion group for Independent authors and their readers. Maria is active on Twitter, Good Reads and online generally and she (along with Stacy Juba & Darcia Helle) are always willing to talk about independent authors and self publishing. 

Erin from The Little Apartment is a Christian lady who is a wife and mother. She writes about her family and life as well as about decorating and crafting. Erin has a real eye for unusual decorating ideas, and if that is your thing - I think you'll really like her blog.

Geek Mom is a really fun website which is for Geeks who happen to be Moms/Mums or Moms/Mums who happen to be Geeks depending on how you look at it. They have lots of fun contributors and if you are into computing or Star Wars or Science this may be the place for you, especially since they count Kari Byron (Mythbusters) as one of their own. 

Thanks for reading,



  1. Thanks so much for including me in your list, Kat :)

  2. What she said, Kat. Thanks, I've added this site to my blog roll earlier this morning. ;)


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