Mar 2, 2011

Crafts from Book Pages

Since my most popular searches and visits are for book crafts and Independent authors, I will listen to the people and blog about those for the next couple of days.  Today I will do a round-up of the things I did for Thing-a-day, to do with reusing book pages. In this case I used pages from an old Harry Potter book which the library was discarding for 50c. I love Harry Potter, which my long time readers would know. 
So here's the projects, when I get time I will do a round-up of other people's Book crafts and blog some more about what some Independent authors are up to.

Day 15 - 15th Feb 2011:
Into the third week of February now. Wow, time flies. So today I did some scrapbooking with a Harry Potter theme. I picked up an old Harry Potter book for 50 cents. Here is my project:

Day 16 - 16th Feb 2011:
Origami from book pages.

Day 17 - 17th Feb 2011: 

More paper crafts from the same Harry Potter book that I got for 50 cents.
The template for Hagrid's Hut was taken from here: but I didn't use all the pieces.
The fairy was a graphic free sample. I think it was from Dover Publications but I downloaded it a while ago.
The witch is from the Leaky Cauldron sign.
Day 18 - 18th Feb 2011:
Today was a flower day. I made some cute paper flowers from book pages.
The pattern was from the Meet Me At Mike's book by Pip Lincolne. You can find her here on her blog.

Day 19 - 19th Feb 2011: 

Today I just made some heart decorations on string from paper. I got the idea from this link on the lovely Eddie's Pinterest. She is also doing Thing-a-day by the way.

I didn't sew mine, though. I glued it. I should have been more careful with my cutting out because it's a bit messy, but I was doing it while I was watching a movie.
Day 20 - 20th Feb 2011:

Template from here.
Inspiration from all over the web.

Day 21 - 21st Feb 2011:
Butterfly template from here.
I forgot to add before that the words were from here.

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