Mar 26, 2011

A little begging and bribery is not beneath me...and a giveaway!

I really need your help. Please, please help!

I am doing an assessment for Uni which involves gathering and interpreting data from a social networking site and analysing the data, and tags according to information theory. What does all this mean? I want to know how people tag.

This is where you all come in. I have set up a Flickr account here:
Just for interest's sake I have put some photos of some of my retro and vintage patterns. Please go over to the photos, have a quick look and add some comments and tags. Comments can be ANYTHING! You can say, "I like this one" or "The lighting is not good in this photo" or whatever comes into your head when you look at the images. It doesn't matter because I am not analysing you, just people's interaction with the photos. Please., please (more begging) add some user tags. User tags can be descriptive like "pattern" or "knitting" OR they can be emotive such as "nice" "cool" "I like" etc. Add as many as you want and don't worry if people  have already added the same tag, because that will give me good statistics.

The more people who do this, the better stats for me to work with, so please help me if you have a couple of minutes to spare and thanks so much for reading.

One person who comments or tags will be chosen to receive this book Cute & Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench. Each tag or comment will count as an entry (tag & comment at my Flickr not here!). Open worldwide.
Please tag or comment on my Flickr account by 31st March 2011. (I will make allowances for time differences).
Thanks and Good Luck everyone.


  1. I added some comments- not entirely sure if that is what you wanted ha ha. I'm not great with flickr :)

  2. I added a few comments but couldn't figure out if I could add tags or not. If you still need help, pls feel free to contact me on my blog at :-)

  3. Thanks ladies, that's great. Each comment or tag is an entry - hope you win.


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