Apr 3, 2011

Accidental Monsters of Meaning

I went to my induction for volunteering at the AC/DC exhibition the other day and they still had an exhibition in the Temporary Exhibition Gallery. After induction was over I thought I would take a look. I'm so glad I did because what I found there was quite fascinating.

A unique exhibition by Aimee Smith. Each display case contained a dancer who performed continuously for the four hours of the exhibition each day. These dancers were not only stunning, fit and graceful - their stamina was incredible. I so admired their commitment to the exhibition, their art, and the message it sent - it reminded me of the old fashioned demonstrations like sit-ins and John & Yoko in their bed for the love-in. 

Sadly, this exhibition is now over, I wish I could have known about it earlier because I wanted everyone to go - my husband, kids, parents - it was so awesome. 
Each display made a statement about consumer culture and was unique in it's own way.

The first dancer was literally "drowning" in PET water bottles (an interesting Freudian slip - I accidentally spelled it litter- ally).

The second dancer was remotely controlled by the audience, responding to which buttons they pushed  - either dancing quickly, slowly and so on. With all the running around she was the dancer who looked the most tired and she put me in mind of Alice in Wonderland - 

"Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. "

The third dancer was continuously stacking boxes - she wanted more and more and was trying to then lift them to take them, and of course they toppled on top of her. 

The fourth dancer was in a display case where she couldn't stand properly, where she was spinning around and being constantly bombarded with advertising images with choices - such as lipstick colour palettes. 

The last "specimen" was happy and free. She was by the ocean, in nature and she was seen as the hope for the survival of this species.

I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of the exhibition. I wish you could have all shared how amazing it was. But remember - Aimee Smith will be a name to watch out for - I have no doubts.

Here is the newspaper review:

Here is Aimee's blog, she also has a cool time lapse of the exhibition.


  1. Wow, this sounds like an amazing exhibition! How awesome it was for you to get to experience it first-hand.

  2. Now this seems to be an interesting bit of culture.

    It'd be nice to get to see things like it in my hometown.


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