Apr 20, 2011


We have had a lot going on at the moment, injuries and illnesses, assignments and exams, and poor old Max leaving us. It makes for a little bit of a stressful life. But instead of becoming a blubbering mess in the corner, which I refuse to be, I craft. So lately I've been making every scrap of yarn I can find into something so I can learn some new stitches. I don't even care if it's very good, as long as I enjoy it and it makes me feel better. So here's the last two weeks worth...

Firstly, another poncho - can't help myself they are so snuggly.
Another Poncho...

Then two slouchy hats trying different hook sizes, using Julie's pattern from Gleeful Things.
Slouch Hat 1
Slouch Hat 2
A hair scrunchie and some other hair pins and brooches.

A bracelet.
Crochet Bracelet
A cuff from Knit & Crochet Now TV!
And some hand towels made from facewashers I picked up at Woolworths for a dollar and topped with crochet.


  1. Yes, I must say, these are very well-done. Kudos!

  2. Love the knitted cuff. So cute!! You are very talented.

  3. The golden bracelet almost looks real ;) I tried embroidering with silver and golden threads once for Christmas decorations, but the consistency of those threads made it very hard to work. Love your poncho :)


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