Apr 5, 2011

Take a Walk down William Street...

When I was coming home from University the other day (I always use the train and bus) I thought about the fact that I pass through our Capital City two or three times a week and mostly I jump on the train and head home. I occasionally stop in the cultural centre for a coffee or catch up or to visit the library and so on, but mostly it's busy, busy - move on. So I decided I would have a little look around and take things in. This month I decided to look at William Street in Northbridge since they had recently had this campaign. I hope you enjoy walking with me.

On William has a variety of information about what's going on around William Street and in Northbridge. 

A must stop is Kakulas Brothers the smell is heavenly and you can buy a coffee while you are there.
You can see some photos of what it's like inside here.
There are so many yummy places to eat and the smells of cooking and spices is wonderful.

Of course, being a butcher's wife I had to visit The Butcher Shop but you won't be buying any meat here. They sell awesome urban art materials and they have lots of great information on their site about legal spots to do your art and a great online shop. I love the notebooks that have walls in them so you can graffiti!! I have been studying this art lately trying to work out ways to pay homage to urban art through yarnbombing. 

There's also a Vinnie's Retro shop, there's a picture of it here.
I enjoyed my walk down William Street and I got to appreciate my City a little more.

Hugs, Kat


  1. The neat things I find in my tiny town when I walk a different route is incredible. Glad to see that others do the same thing and that you enjoyed yourself!

  2. You know, Kat, you've just given me a great idea to steal (After all, steal from the best whenever possible...), in writing about the street my local game and comic shop is on.

    Maybe including something about the used book store I frequent and/or the library I live closest to as well...

    This Navy town has a lot of places worth frequenting, but the thought of posting on them just hadn't occurred to me 'til I read this.

    Awesome. And thanks.


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