May 1, 2011

Back on Track...

I know I haven't posted for a while and I also have lost a few followers on Facebook, here on this blog and elsewhere - and that's fine, we are all busy people and can only keep up with so much before we lose track of everything.

With starting University full time this year, I find less time for the other things and I also find I can't be on the computer as much because I am using it for my study. So I need to be disciplined myself. I will be cutting back on any blog hops and memes unless they relate to reading or crafting. But I am grateful to the hosts of past things I have participated in, because you have spread some cheer and goodwill in blogging.

I am trying to only follow people I have something in common with, so I won't be offended if you do the same. I was very inspired by reading a blog post on a blog I follow (by a very nice and clever lady) and I think we all go through the phase of realising "why am I doing this?" Well, it's for the love of writing and sharing and reading and art & crafting, oh and science of course!. So if it becomes a chore, I have lost the plot - which is not so unusual for me.

Anyway, I hope I get back on track and post more about books. AND read some more - as I have a book list that is very long and I seem to have got stuck on Dracula for some reason. Too many articles and technical stuff to read I suspect.

I really should know by now that my thermostat is already set high, so when things happen like family getting sick or my dog passing away, then I go all "arghhhhhh". ..and have to crawl into bed with some chocolate. But since I've made some really positive changes in my life, such as staying away from drama queens and psychic vampires as well as fine weather friends.

I need to focus on cutting back my online life and just reinforce the positive and lovely connections I have online. Some of these connections are supportive and mutual without either of us draining the other (I hope anyway) and you know who you are. I always try to stay positive online as much as possible because I don't think people want to hear my whining, but I also have a lot less patience or tolerance for intolerance or bad behaviour and I won't stand for it. So if that means taking a step back from those people IRL or online - then so be it. I can only thrive further.

Thanks for reading - you guys and girls are awesome. So stay as cool as you are, because you really inspire me to be better, smarter, stronger...

ooooh I feel like the bionic woman :)


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  1. Welcome back, Kat. Things have been pretty rough for a lot of us, I suppose, what with your recent loss and Gumby's health. If you don't mind, I'll try to friend you on FB tonight before I must heed the Call of sleep. Stay cool and stay well.


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