Jul 21, 2011

Dead reckoning by Charlaine Harris

Dead reckoning is the 11th book by Charlaine Harris in the Southern Vampire Series.
This popular fiction series has been made into the True Blood Series by HBO.
Here is a sample chapter from Charlaine Harris.

I have read the previous ten books, so I was happy to get absorbed in Sookie's world again and see what was happening to the character's I love. Good to see that Eric Northman was in this book, but I was a little frustrated with the tone of their relationship. Of course, that's what a good writer does. There's no point giving us what we desire - that would be boring. It's the creation of tension and the delaying of gratification that makes you keep reading. You need to have conflict, you need to be annoyed at your characters and want to tell them they're doing it wrong!
If you are looking for vampire action, then this book has a couple of good fights. Not much happening on the wolf front, but some of the two-natured character's are active. There is also a focus on the Fae and a visit from two old favourite characters, Amelia and Bubba.
There's some nice memorable moments that will make good television when they come to the series, such as when Bubba sings or when Bill declares he still loves Sookie.
As usual Harris left us wanting more.

I'm doing the Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge 2011  with Socrates Book Reviews.



  1. This is a good review, and good hunting on the reading challenge.

    Soon... Soon, Troythulu shall complete Dr. Shermer's book and review it.

    On the plus side, I'm on part III so far, and it won't be too long before I finish it.

  2. Good, looking forward to that review.

  3. Good review! I just finished listening to this one and I still have to write my review, but I enjoyed it. I always enjoy a good Sookie book :) I also agree with you that every story needs a conflict. Many want to see everything go right, but that would be boring. The good part of any story is the actualy story and how they end up getting to where they are supposed to be (or at least where we want them to be).

  4. Sookie must be stronger than me, because I would not be able to turn down that tempting offer from Alcide.


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