Jul 9, 2011

So how's the books and crafts going?

Wow. Now exams are over -  I've had such a busy two weeks with first the Small & Regional Conference and then Ed. Con. both run by the National Union of Students, here in Australia. I think these young people are fantastic! I would encourage all Australian Higher ed students to keep an eye on these guys and girls because they really have their finger on the pulse when it comes to student politics. But I'm a bit worn out from two conferences full of great information. I'm also, so over cold mornings and public transport for a bit. Need a break before the new semester starts.

Anyway, on the craft front - I was excited to run into Captain Plaknit just by accident yesterday. I'm a great fan of his work. He is a local artist who also works in yarn and does some yarnbombing as well, and does great work with our local youth. I was so brave, I just went up and introduced myself and said I was a fan. Go me!

While I was on the conferences, I have been working on a crocheted cover for my Uni netbook, just to protect it - and that's almost finished. I also need to make a cover for my e-book reader. I have been busy working on a dress for the Spotlight competition which ends this month. But that's about all on the craft front.

Books - I wish I was reading more. I have been enjoying a look at Maria Savva's book, Second Chances but because I don't have a Kindle, I have been reading it on my PC. So it's going slowly - but I still say, all hail those Indie authors with the guts to get out and make their book writing dreams come true.

I got the new Charlaine Harris book Dead Reckoning (Southern Vampire series) from the library - so that has taken precedent because it is a high demand book, so it needs to go back.

Lastly, I am making my way through Pride & Prejudice again with Pip and the Meet Me at Mike's group for her bookclub. This is just casual and about having fun. So I read a chapter now and again as I've read it before, but so enjoy Austen's wit and character development.

Pride & Prejudice

Something else I have been doing is volunteering at the WA Museum for the AC/DC Family Jewels exhibition. We have had a great crowd visiting and I will be sorry when this ends. But I need to move onto other endeavours.
If you live in Perth, you should go for a visit - it's still on for a couple of weeks.Given the popularity of the band, It may travel overseas.

Highlights include personal letters written by Bon Scott, Angus Young's guitar on loan from the Powerhouse Museum, lots of concert posters, vinyl records of the bands discography, and costumes. There are also, some great clips such as when they were inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame by Steve Tyler and they sing "You Shook Me All Night Long" with him; Countdown with a very young Ian (Molly) Meldrum and Daryl Braithwaite; and the original film clip of "A Long Way to the Top" with the pipers and driving through the streets on the back of a ute/pickup.

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  1. Congrats on surviving the exams, Kat.

    It looks like you've got a bit of recreational reading ahead of you. The volunteering at the museum sounds like fun...

    I just wish they had something like that around here.

    Also, I've just recently obtained a copy of Mike Shermer's "The Believing Brain" and it's next on my own list.

    Stay cosmic, and hugs to the family.


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