Aug 28, 2011

Some catching up to do...

How is everyone? I have been reading bits and pieces of your blogs, but I have been very slack at writing my own. Uni started back and there is a lot of reading to do, so I read technical articles, eat, sleep and occasionally game and that's about it. I have been quite busy with our Mature Age Student Networks so that involves a lot of talking to people and visiting the various Uni's so as you can imagine it keeps me quite busy, too.

I've missed a couple of Cat Thursdays - which is a shame because they are so much fun. So in lieu I have a cute picture of Miss Jiggly Puff being the cat that licked the cream.

I have also finished covers for my netbook and e-reader, somewhere a long the way, but very little reading done. So not much to report there. So much for books and crafts - lol :0
Cover for e-book reader
Cover for netbook
By for now.


  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing you around again for Cat Thursday. =O) Miss Jiggly Puff certainly looks like she's enjoying that cream!

  2. Yes, welcome back!

    Cat Thursday is one of my favoritest(sic) features on this blog, and it will be good to see Jiggly Puff (as opposed to Jigglypuff) in action.

    As soon as my interbuttz service provider fixes the network issues, I'll be able to blogsurf more than I have in the last few days.

    My own most recent posts have all been queued from last Thursday.

    Things get interesting when your home state is messed up by two natural disasters in the same week.

  3. I saw your pretty purple e-reader cover on Hannahs Handmade Hog linky blog hop!
    Im your newest follower! =)


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