Sep 1, 2011

Cat Thursday - Back Again!

I found this cute meme via fellow book lover and fellow cat lover Socrates's Books - 
Welcome to the weekly meme that celebrates the wonders and sometime hilarity of cats! Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). It's all for the love of cats! Enjoy! This fun meme is hosted by The True Book Addict. Go over to her site to join in the fun.

There have been a lot of changes in our family over the last couple of years. My butcher hubby has changed from butchering to teaching apprentices. We finished homeschooling. I went back to Uni again. Our daughter got married and started her own business. Our son finished school and is looking forward to a whole new world. We also lost our dear doggy pal.
The economy has changed, we are managing on less money, the interest rates have risen a couple of times, water is up, electricity is up, and gas is up. And because I no longer get family payments - for the first time in many, many years - I have no money or allowance to call my own. So we've tightened our belts and everyone's been great about it. We can't afford expensive presents or holidays and we've cut back on luxuries, at least until I finish Uni. Now this is not a sob story - just a fact of life. Everyone is on board - except the CAT!
I have found a jelly meat she really likes as well as a couple of fishy cat foods. So I thought that I could cut back to the cheaper cat biscuits, since she only grazes on them during the day and has her proper meal at night. Nooooo! We have had so many hilarious arguments this week about her eating the biscuits and her telling us "no way - give me the ones I like" and so on. She's finally taken to eating them if we mix them with a bit of cat meat. So I guess it's back to her favourite brand next shopping day. How I wish she was as easy to fool as the kids when they were little and their school holiday treat was generic "fruity rings".

Anyway, I come across so many beautiful cat pictures in my travels about the internet that it's sometimes hard to choose. But I liked this kitteh for my friend Troythulu who is a Lovecraftian.

And I liked this one, because as I've said before something about cats & computers does it for me - ROFLOL :)


  1. Ooh! Mewthulhu and the techno-kitteh are!

  2. Now that's downright creepy...LOL! But I totally get the reference. And I think cats probably really could fix a computer. They're so darn smart.

    My Alice is a finicky one too. I used to buy her this certain kind of food and she never had a problem with it. Well, the last time I bought it, she absolutely refused to eat it! I finally had to cave and buy her a different brand. Oh, the things we do for our kitties!

    Speaking of family life, it definitely has been a transition with this economy. I just keep hoping it will get better soon. Sounds like your family is hanging in there and I'm glad. =O)

  3. Yikes! Strange picture. LOL My cats area always trying to help too :)

  4. I've had a lot of cats...thankfully none had this affliction. The one in the computer...I think I know him...*lol*


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