Oct 12, 2011

Hey there Little Red Riding Hood!

If I said that I saw a movie directed by Catherine Hardwick, where Billy Burke played the father and there was a love triangle where two young men vied for the attentions of the same girl, and there was something about werewolves in it - you'd probably guess I was talking about Twilight. But what I actually watched two nights ago was Red Riding Hood  which is now on DVD. But thankfully there's not a sparkly vampire to be seen anywhere.

Now I have to admit that I'm in the school of thought that I preferred Twilight to the two sequels and I think that had a lot to do with Catherine Hardwick being the director - because sparkly vampires aside (which no one could pull off and I still don't get why Meyers ever wrote that bit in) Twilight was visually gorgeous and I remember seeing it at the movies and holding my breath at the beautiful scenery and the gorgeous chemistry. Hardwick knows how to direct a love scene with steamy repressed emotions and unfulfilled desire. But enough about Twilight.
I think Hardwick brings to this movie some of the same charm. It is also visually stunning and the chemistry sizzles. It's a little more scary and gory but about the level of an M. Night Shamalan movie. But as I'm sure I've mentioned before I spend a lot of time looking at costumes and houses and set design and scenery when I watch a movie and that's what I also liked about this movie.
The day after I watched it, I wrote on my Facebook

 "Oh my - I loved this movie - I want all the dresses in it and I want to live at Grandma's house. I hope I look like Julie Christie when I'm a grandma :)"

This movie will keep you guessing about who the Wolf really is, with Grandma, the priest, Peter or Henry being the prime suspects. It also wasn't lost on me that one of the boys is named Peter, as in Peter & the Wolf - which I was even more familiar with as a child because we had the record of the symphony and would listen to it all the time. The full cast is listed in the IMDB  but Amanda Seyfried (Mamma Mia! Letters to Juliet. Dear John,)) is just gorgeous. I would say watch this movie for the costumes if nothing else. But I liked it.

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