Dec 7, 2011

Are you saving totally useless threads?

The Totally Useless Stitch-a-long 2012
 brought to us by

Basically I'm saving my odd bits of thread every month for a year and taking a photo  of the jar. Check out her blog for more information or to sign up. Now to pick my jar!

Also - why am I writing in courier? To celebrate my new "old typewriter" pictured below. Maybe I can start a novel - old school style. I wonder if my Dad still has some foolscap paper lying around.

Hands up if you learned to type at school?


  1. Awesome typewriter, Kate.

    Did you know that during his life, Isaac Asimov did all of his writing on a Royal?

    I'm reminded of an interview with James Randi on a podcast I heard several years back in which Randi described talking to Ike over the phone while he was just typing away on a new book!

  2. Thanks for that little tidbit of info.It makes it even more exciting. You know I'm fond of Asimov.


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