Dec 9, 2011

Bookish Things

I'm reading along with Michelle (Castle Macabre) & others in the Bag of Bones Read-a-long. You can find my updates here. But there are SPOILERS!

Image from Sea and Be Scene

I was also so lucky to win a copy of the Catch 22 - 50th Anniversary edition from Amber at Feed Your Reading Habit. This is a great blog by the way and you may have seen me tweet some of her articles regarding book collecting. As starchaser said - it's a good win since our copy has almost had it!

Other wins included two great books from Hardie Grant. The May Gibbs Diary 2012 and the Meet Me at Mike's Crafty Journal (more about that at a later post).

So what are you reading or what have you won lately?


  1. Hey, Kate! Right now I'm reading "Practically Profound: putting philosophy to work in everyday life" by James Hall.

    It's written by the instructor for my Tools of Thinking lectures, and considering the ease with which he gets his point across, as Carl Sagan was for science, this fellow is for philosophy - hardly dry or stuffy!

  2. This sounds great. I'm going to look it up. Sounds right up my alley ;)Thanks for sharing.


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