Feb 6, 2012

Spotlight on Vicki Lorraine

I want to share a little secret with my Australian readers. I have discovered a source of home decors that I am really happy to share.
The Butcher (my hubby) has been complaining about our oven gloves. I was trying to source some that he would be happy with, but would suit my taste as well.
I ordered some new oven gloves and a pot holder from Vicki Lorraine and she helped me choose a fabric that I was really pleased with, and she made the gloves to order.
We've had a little time to try them out and we've been really pleased. They are light weight and not bulky, but offer great heat protection.

Here's a picture:

Vicki Lorraine makes many other items including toaster & kettle covers, coffee cup cosies, seat belt buddies and more.

Check her out:

(This is my honest opinion and I wasn't given any incentive - I just really liked Vicki's work)


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