Feb 20, 2012

The Sylvan Horn by Robert Redinger #Giveaway

I was kindly offered a review copy of

Efkin is a Braey elf who has just taken his position on the council of Lords. He is charged with the task of seeking the Sylvan Horn that sang the world into existence. Now he will tackle frightening beings, dragons and all manner of evil to obtain the horn and break the runes that threaten to destroy the world. He dreams of the forest, he sees the pale being no-one else seems to see, and he is the one who was given the pendant from the High Priestess. On his adventure Efkin discovers his true nature and the reason it must be he who saves the world.
Efkin meets many beings along the way, but who can Efkin trust? The men who have shown they use dark magic and cruelty? The pale being who seems to know his fate? The dwarves? The Knights? The Wizard King? And how can the Trolls have used the sorcery when they are so unintelligent?
Redinger takes us on an exciting adventure, which immerses you into the Braey world and takes you along for the ride. His fast paced storytelling keeps you on the edge of your seat, cheering for Efkin and his friends and fearing for his safety.
The Sylvan Horn is beautifully written. The story transports us to a parellel universe, a place of elves, of fantastical creatures and evil sorcery, of bravery and quests.
If you enjoy fantasy, adventure games, roleplaying, or Tolkienesque adventures - then this is the book for you, if you can manage to tear it away from the teens or your partner.
I also want to mention the beautiful artwork on the cover is by Carol Philips.
The book is available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon in both hardcopy & e-book. 

Now to the GIVEAWAY!

Robert Redinger has kindly offered a signed paper copy of The Sylvan Horn to one of my lucky readers.
Use the Rafflecopter below to enter and Good Luck - hope you win!

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