Sep 14, 2012

The humble rubber band.

Once you get to my age you can list dozens of uses for everyday objects like the humble rubber band. I have been using them since I was little for so many things. As kids we tied our hair with them (yes I know that's naughty and I don't do it now), my parents would always have to cut the bands out of my hair. We used to make lacky guns with our fingers and get told we would take an eye out. We used them to make flying helicopters, on our braces to straighten our teeth, to wrap up posters, tie bunches of invites together and many more. 
When we were in Thailand we went on a tour to ride  elephants, but while we were there, our guide Annie showed us some of the traditional Thai farming methods, including the rubber industry. Suddenly an object I took for granted, will never be the same. 


  1. Such an elaborate process to produce such a common and simple item... Thank you Kate.

  2. That is incredible! I've never even stopped to consider how and where rubber bands came from. Golly.

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