Sep 18, 2012

Why I'm happy to keep destroying the joint....

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Unless I am talking about bullying or cruelty to animals, I don't really get serious on this blog. Let's face it - I talk about fluff. I talk about TV shows, movies, vintage stuff, books, crafts and my cat. So unless you know me IRL or are a particularly close online friend, you won't know that I have a very serious side and I will not tolerate hate or discrimination based upon gender, race, religion, philosophy, sexual preference, age or abilities. I also, get very serious about child abuse. Thus the anti-bullying stance.

But I'm going to get serious - so if you don't want to listen to my politics, that's fine and have a cup of tea and move onto another blog.

But I want to have my little rant and if you read it, then thanks.

Here in Australia, there has been a call to arms to stop the misogynistic behavior towards women in politics. If you aren't aware of the "Destroy the Joint" movement, then you can read about it here:
Destroy the Joint

and here:

You can also join the Facebook page, and keep in touch with what is going on in the protests.

About 20 years ago, I was chatting with someone who was a friend of a friend at a party, and he basically implied that you don't need feminism anymore because women already have equal opportunities. This was when I was at University the first time, and the first female engineering student had been accepted into the course. In my lifetime, and I'm not that old, there are still first such as our first female Prime Minister in Australia. So yes, there is still a need for feminism. 

More importantly there are still men that think it's okay to talk about violence (and rape) against women just because they don't like them or they disagree with what they say. For an example in the Skeptic community, see here. (Thanks to Martin & Troy for the link to this). There's examples in the gaming community, see here

So what do politics, gaming and skepticism have in common? They were all traditionally male arenas. The men are getting upset that having women in theses areas of public life will "destroy the joint". (I emphasise not ALL men feel that way). But, I'm thinking that some of these joints need to be destroyed. Some of these institutions need to be challenged, some of these men need to learn to share - and not in the way a child in the playground would share grudgingly, then try to trip you when you aren't looking. 

If I had a house and it was perfect, then I certainly wouldn't want someone to come and destroy it. But if I had a house that needed fixing, then by knocking down a few walls and letting in some light and fresh air, I am really making the house better and more accommodating. But the grumpy old man, who liked living in the dark and lived in that house before I moved in, might very well feel I was "destroying the joint" and he'll have to learn to live with that. 

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