Nov 15, 2012

Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 2

So Bella and Edward got married, but did they live happily ever after? Of course not, because the Volturi don't like vampires playing house and drinking animal blood and being all human like. Then there's the problem of the mysterious vampire/human hybrid child, that the Volturi thinks is a child turned vampire (remember that's a no-no - think of poor Kirsten Dunst in Interview with the Vampire). That's something Aro can't resist checking out, and he still wants Alice's power of course. What happens next is awesome. It won't disappoint the fans and it still leaves you shocked and amazed, even if you have read the series books and know the story well.

I headed off to the double feature, with the early screening of part one and the midnight screening of part two. Jessi from Jessi in Wonderland was my partner in crime, while we faithfully stayed up late despite both having important projects the next day. See Jessi's review here.

I got to see a bit more of my favourite character Billy Black (Gil Birmingham) and guess what? Kristen didn't totally suck either. I was actually impressed. But I have liked her a bit more since The Runaways and Snow White and the Huntsman. 

The last instalment is everything that a fan could want. With plenty of Jacob, Edward and the other honeys as well as gorgeous girls and amazing fights to keep your own honey entertained enough not to rib you about your obsession.

I miss the unique direction of Catherine Hardwicke that we saw in the first Twilight movie. But I can see the path they were taking the series down, less fairytale - more popular vampire series. Much as I have enjoyed this series, it's still not Buffy or even True Blood. But, that's a personal opinion.

Jessi and I were both impressed with the Dad's who took their teen daughters out for a date. Some men are just so amazing. But, sorry ladies - really not impressed with the women my age wearing their twilight t-shirts and mooning over guys that are my children's age. That said - most Twilight fans are cool, and eager to chat about the books and films.

Hope you enjoy the last part of the saga as much as I did.

P.S. Here's my sick note courtesy of AMC. (via a FB Twihard friend)


  1. Excellent, Kate. It's great that the dads were so cool about this, and too bad about the neck-bite thingy -- my advice on that would be to keep out of sight from stake-wielding baddies during daylight hours...

  2. I'm going Saturday! I can't wait! Love the note. ;O)

  3. I so can't wait to see Breaking Dawn. Sounds like a fun time for you.


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