Jan 22, 2013

Jane and the Damned

I'm such a huge Jane Austen Fan but I have avoided the parodies and mash-ups so far, in fear I may be disappointed. I felt that Death Comes to Pemberley was beautifully handled and I admired the way the Austenesque universe was sustained in Pemberley and was really well handled.

I'm also a huge vampire fan. So I thought I would chance reading Jane and the Damned. I believe I should not have read this so soon after reading Death Comes to Pemberley. I have waited a while to do this review, as I didn't want to do it an injustice. But I feel I may have judged it a little harshly. It's a nice story and quite clever, the way it incorporated the vampires, but it's just not on the mark for me. If I had not read it in the shadow of the Pemberley novel I don't know whether I would have felt differently.

I think that the Austen universe is fairly well handled, although I'm certainly not one of those fans who could pick out discrepancies in historical settings. I was a little unsure about the handling of the vampires. I know it sounds absurd to talk about being "unconvinced" when it comes to a fantasy world. But I just can't summon the enthusiasm.


  1. I had mixed thoughts about this book too! I loved the idea oveall, but just felt it wasn't a great adaption.

  2. Interesting review, Kate, and I'd say impartial as well. When posting one of my own, I have to be careful not to be too favorable. I wonder if you've read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Not bad in graphic novel form for what it was, though zombie stories leave me a little queasy.


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