Feb 23, 2013

Unveiled - 200 years of Bridal Fashion

On Wednesday, we went to the Western Australian Museum to visit the Unveiled exhibition. I headed off with my mum, sister & daughter as well as my dad (but he didn't last long in the exhibit and was more interested in the natural history sections of the museum.)

This was a special treat for my sister as she works very hard and I didn't want her to miss the exhibition because she has worked in the bridal industry for over twenty years. You may recall she made my daughter's wedding gown as a special favour, because she mainly specialises in alterations and embellishments to bridal gowns now. 

The exhibition is a temporary exhibition running from 8 DECEMBER 2012 – 24 MARCH 2013. It was organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. They have a fabulous section on fashion if you are interested. 

There was no photography allowed inside the exhibition, but we got some photos from outside and some of the WA museum pieces. When you visit the exhibitions it's important to follow the "no photography" or "no flash" rules and to support the museums and galleries in preserving the pieces. 

To look at highlights from the exhibition you can go to the website. 

Highlights for me included the early 1900's gowns, as well as Dita Von Teese's gown (illustrated on the sign below) and the Lacroix.  Afterall, I mean, Lacroix, darling...

All photographs by Jessi at Jessi in Wonderland Blog.


  1. I loved this exhibition - especially Dita's gown! <3

  2. omg, I could have spent hours there. I loved the first pic - so delicate and feminine. What a great idea for an exhibit.

  3. Would like to see this but don't think I'll persuade N that this is a good educational experience when there is much more interesting stuff to see in the museum. :D


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