Mar 26, 2013

GLAM - Trove (Archived Aussie News)

GLAM is an acronym for Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums. It also incorporates other cultural institutions such as theatres, zoos, botanical gardens, public broadcasters etc. (Wikimedia Outreach)

While studying Information Science, I realised that I come across many interesting resources that some people may not know about. I will be sharing some of these on a regular basis, to spread the GLAM knowledge.

This week I will share Trove which is a project of The National Library of Australia.

I gave a sneak peak of this resource when I put up my post about Barbie clothes last week. I was able to locate a crochet pattern from an Australian Women's Weekly from 1965.

If you are researching anything to do with Australia  whether it is a fiction piece or family history, or perhaps an article of non-fiction, then this is a great resource.

Trove is a digitised version of hundreds of newspapers, journals and articles that are held in archives in Australia. The theme is that they are all Australian. I did a search and was able to locate some articles about the infamous Australian Bushranger Edward (Ned) Kelly. 

THE BUSHRANGING TRAGEDY: PORTRAITS OF THE FOUR CONSTABLES AND THE TWO KELLYS. 1—CONSTABLE LONIGON. 2—EDWARD KELLY. 3—CONSTABLE SCANLAN. 4—SERGEANT KENNEDY. 5—CONSTABLE SELLY. (1878, November 23). The Australasian Sketcher with Pen and Pencil (Melbourne, Vic. : 1873 - 1889), p. 129. Retrieved March 25, 2013, from

THE KELLY OUTLAWS. (1878, November 12). The Colac Herald (Vic. : 1875 - 1918), p. 3. Retrieved March 25, 2013, from

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  1. Sooooo interesting. I think you're having too much fun there, all these great things you're finding.


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