May 14, 2013

Snuggle bags for my Guinea Pigs

This is what I was doing last week between study. I sometimes think it's funny that when I get the prompt from the computer to take a break (I use Workrave ), then it's a bit naughty to go on the sewing machine or phone during my supposed "rests" isn't it? Well anyway I got 100% on my last assignment so I'm a bit chuffed. In between study this week, I am knitting and tidying the garage. Maybe slightly better exercises for real rest from the computer. 

So here are the Guinea Pigs in their new Snuggle Sacks. 
The Tortoiseshell is called Beatrix Potter and the chocolate one is called May Gibbs

I based mine on this pattern over at the  Guinea Pig Cages Page. But I made a plastic tube covered in wadding so the mouth would stay open and then I folded the outer bag forward and the inner bag back over the top. 


  1. Oh my....they look so delightful all snuggled up :)

  2. These are awesome! The Guinea Girls look so cute in them! You've been spending your break time well.

  3. omg, how adorable are these! I bet your guinea pigs love them.

  4. Awwwww!!!!! They're so cute all wrapped up warm. :) :) :) I love them ^__^

  5. You are so creative! How cute. Hugs.


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