Sep 29, 2013

Fashion & Beauty Shows 2013 - Perth Fashion Festival

Perth Fashion Festival 2013

This year we had a little more protection from the elements as there was a huge marquee called "Fashion Central". It was an awesome idea which gave visitors protection from the elements and created a wonderful and fun atmosphere. Here are a couple of things we did during Fashion Week 2013.

We went to an exhibition with my sister, who is a seamstress specialising in bridal couture. The exhibition was a display of fashion drawings by the popular illustrator mekel.  This was held in the Stairwell Gallery which was quite a nifty use of space. Here's Jessi in Wonderland's take on PFF 2013: Mekel Exhibition.

Afterwards we popped into Vinnie's Retro which is an opportunity shop on William Street in Perth which carries a lot of vintage and retro gear. We had a lovely chat with the ladies there and scored some bargains. 

Another day we went to Restyle on the Runway.  This was the culmination of a month long event where Perth bloggers had a daily challenge to create outfits from op shops and second hand stores. I have always been an advocate for re-cycling and re-using, as are my parents and kids. 

The parade was really fun and I especially liked where they dressed some of the ladies who worked for the charity organisations so that we could see how easy it is for everyday women to buy op shop clothes and look very glam. We also got given a little goody bag in a calico op-shopping bag. 
Here's a link to Jessi In Wonderland's take on it. PFF: Restyle on the Runway.

We spent a great day in Harbour Town for some outlet shopping and a bite to eat,  where we got some great bargains. Then in the late afternoon we trekked back to Fashion Central to watch Fashionably Loud with music provided by DJ duo The Faders. The models and fashions were fun but I really enjoyed the music and atmosphere. 

The Fashion Catalyst has some great photos of the models and the runway from this event. Perth Fashion Festival 2013: Carillion City Fashionably Loud. 

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  1. Oh, this all looks like fun. And such nice weather.


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