Apr 2, 2016

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

I like to talk about these things long after they are fashionable. 

I don't like to get caught up in the hype and forget to express my own thoughts on works. 
I read The Host a few years back when Twilight was all the rage, and I found I enjoyed it more that the Twilight series, even though I am a vampire fan, and I did quite enjoy Twilight as a light read. 

Synopsis: The aliens take over humans and control their bodies and minds. The few remaining humans who aren't hosts, are running for their lives. So when Melanie is caught, she thinks her life is over, after the alien enters her body, a strange thing happens. She refuses to leave, or be repressed or die, or whatever it is that happens to the person inside when their bodies become hosts. That's when the alien Wanderer and Melanie really start to get to know each other. 

The Host reminded me a bit of The Animorph's Series (Scholastic) which my kids really got into when they were in high school. Their dad and I used to read them as well and we would book chat amongst ourselves. 

Saoirse Ronan  (Atonement, The Lovely Bones) did an amazing job of a complex role. 

This is how I would look as a Host...


  1. I really liked this one too. I was also a fan of the Twilight series, but I thought this was a great foray for her into adult novels. I think this one showed she has real talent as an author. I wish she would hurry up and write more. I realize she's probably a millionaire now, but if you have a real passion for writing, you should keep writing...right? lol And those eyes are just creepy!

    Nice to see you back! How is Jigglypuff doing? Would love to have you back with us on Cat Thursday.

  2. Thanks for commenting Michelle. Yes, I am popping around the Internet, but very snowed down with responsibilities. You know how it is.
    I agree with your comments, and I know my Mum enjoyed it, too.
    Every week I tell Jigglypuff I will put her on Cat Thursday, but I do have some pics ready so I will join in. She's a bit mad at me for not highlighting her more often. Hehe.

    1. I definitely know how it is!

      I hope you do. Alice and Arya get irritated with me because I don't feature them enough. lol


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